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Pro-Mix® CX Biostimulant Coir-Based Grow Bag

Boost your gardening experience with the Pro-Mix® CX Biostimulant Coir-Based Grow Bag, now available on Cronk Nutrients. This ready-to-use grow bag, featuring a blend of chunk coir and coir pith, is designed for convenience and optimized plant growth, coming in four different sizes to meet your individual gardening needs.


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  • Efficiency & Convenience: Each grow bag comes with a pre-drilled planting hole and four drip holes, making planting and watering an effortless process. No additional tools or steps are required, making it an ideal choice for gardeners of all skill levels.
  • Optimal Growth Environment: The grow bag utilizes a 100% coco-based growing media, offering excellent water-holding capacity and high porosity. This ensures your plants receive the ideal hydration and aeration for thriving growth.
  • Enhanced Plant Health: The potent biostimulant included in the grow bag enhances plant growth, increases germination rates, and creates a resilient environment that reduces the impact of plant stresses. Your garden will house healthier and more resilient plants.
  • Versatile Size Options: Available in four different sizes, you can choose the perfect fit for your plants or crops, ensuring they have sufficient space to prosper.

Cronk Nutrients #1 Recommended Coco Coir Growing Medium:

The Pro-Mix® CX Biostimulant Coir-Based Grow Bag is an innovative, mess-free solution for a wide range of plant types and growing systems. This ready-to-use grow bag, pre-loaded with high-absorption coir-based medium, eliminates the need for traditional pots or raised beds. Whether you're using drip irrigation or hand watering, the Pro-Mix® CX Grow Bag simplifies the growing process, keeping things clean and tidy. pH-adjusted for optimal growing conditions, it's also fully compatible with all Cronk Nutrients, ensuring consistent and reliable results every time. This grow bag is the ultimate choice for a streamlined, efficient gardening experience.


  • Chunk Coir
  • Coir Pith

Active Ingredients:

  • BIOSTIMULANT: This active ingredient promotes growth, increases germination rates, and creates a resilient environment that reduces the impact of plant stresses.
PRO-MIX CX Coco Coir Grow Bags Video



  • Less labor
  • Quick set-up
  • Easy to handle
  • No container required


  • Decreased risk of handling contamination
  • No cleaning or sterilization needed
  • Cleaner environment


  • Ready to use
  • Solution adapted to your facility

The new PRO-MIX® CX coir-based grow bag

PRO-MIX® CX coir-based grow bag
Bullet image 1 A special blend of coir pith and coir chunk provides optimum water-holding capacity and air-filled porosity for your high-value crops.
Bullet image 2 Precut holes on each corner to easily insert your dripping system resulting in a quicker expansion and more effective watering.
Bullet image 3 A preformed center hole creates an opening upon expansion, making thetransplanting process faster and easier.
PRO-MIX® CX coir-based grow bag



Open the bag by unfolding each corner


Water the content of the bag until it is fully hydrated


Transplant directly in the bag, avoiding compaction

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