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Sticky Bandit

Unlock the Benefits of Adding Sticky Bandit to Your Garden

Increase the terpenes, resin production and flavour of your flower with this synergistic mix of necessary carbohydrates and essential oils.

Let's explain...

Plants make carbohydrates out of thin air using the energy of the sun. Carbohydrates are the main energy storage molecule in plants and are essential for plant growth and development. However, many plants have a hard time making enough carbohydrates to meet their needs. It is also a very time-consuming and energy-sucking process.

This is where Sticky Bandit comes into play. By introducing readily available carbohydrates into the root zone, you can help your plants get the energy they need without having to produce it all themselves. This means more energy for growth and development, and less energy spent making food.

Not only does this give your plants a boost of energy, but it also helps to promote healthy root growth and overall plant development. Carbohydrates are essential for plant cell division and growth, so by providing them with an extra source of carbohydrates, you can help them to grow bigger and healthier.

help beneficial microbes in your root zone thrive...

If you are using any type of beneficial microbes in your root zone like Monkey Juice, Sticky Bandit is even more beneficial. That's because many of these beneficial microbes feed on carbohydrates. By providing them with a consistent source of carbohydrates, we can help them to thrive and do their job even better.

Sticky Bandit will also help boost your plant's terpene production. In simple terms, terpenes are compounds that give plants their unique aromas and smell. They are found in many different types of plants, including flowers, fruits, and herbs. They play a role in protecting the plant from predators and disease and also contribute to the plant's overall scent. They are also found in essential oils and are used in perfumes, aromatherapy and traditional medicine. Some people believe that terpenes can have different effects on the body when inhaled or consumed.


Sticky Bandit not only promotes bigger and healthier growth in your plants but also enhances their flavour and beneficial compounds by increasing terpene production and trichome production resulting in a more potent final product. Suitable for a wide range of plants such as vegetables, fruits, flowers, and trees and can be used with various growing mediums including soil, coco and hydroponics. Upgrade your gardening game and get Sticky Bandit's Carbohydrate Fertilizer today!


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